Will Blog – Why I love playing Weddings

I love playing weddings – of all the different types of events we perform at, it’s usually the weddings that stick in my mind. That’s not to say I don’t love playing other types of events – private parties are fantastic and playing at pubs is amazing; especially when the pub is packed and the crowd are having a good dance and drink. But weddings – they have the real sense of celebration and there’s something special about contributing to that and being a catalyst for the party.

Around a third of our gigs are at weddings – we have played every venue imaginable and all kinds of settings. We have played in tents in people’s back gardens, 800 year-old Abbeys and the most modern-upmarket wedding venues. Each venue poses its own challenge sometimes the acoustics make getting a good sound difficult. We have had to get around other problems like a lack of power (electricity) and the most common one… sound restrictions…

Luckily we are very adaptive and can get around these issues – there hasn’t been anything that has stopped us playing yet – come rain or shine.

Part of playing a wedding can be learning the first dance – these come in all shapes and sizes – I am always really intrigued as to what songs people choose. This can be the most nerve racking thing for us. Most of our rehearsal time is spent on first dances because we want to get them perfect. Also it isn’t always possible to sound-check before the first dance – depending on the venue… still, all the first dances we have played so far have been very special.

We are booking up for weddings really fast next year and are set to play more weddings in 2017 than ever before. As I’m getting married this year I think it will make all these weddings extra special. And I hope all our wedding couples know how honoured we are to play their weddings.